Friday, July 18, 2014

Give Away for Sew in Style Book by Erin Hentzel

GIVE AWAY for SEW IN STYLE, a new book by Erin Hentzel

    Here is a brief description of the book from the publisher:
    Get your amateur designer or stylist sewing with Sew in Style—Make Your Own Doll Clothes, a how-to manual for kids who want to create one-of-a-kind looks for their 18” dolls. Twenty-two trendy clothing and accessory projects—from yoga pants to skinny jeans to a messenger bag—encourage kids to mix and match to design their own unique outfits. Lessons on sewing basics, step-by-step photos, full-size patterns and projects for all skills levels ensure that your budding designer will have no trouble creating the looks they always wanted for their favorite 18” companions.

I am a quilt pattern designer and I recently got an opportunity to work with and review this book! 
This is a wonderful book for kids learning to sew. This a wonderful book for adults who don't know how to sew, but are trying to teach their kids to sew! I have a daughter who is 8 years old. I feel like every little girl in her class would love to create things with fabric and thread, but most of them lack a teacher :(   This book can fill that void. The pictures illustrate each step of the way perfectly. Erin, the author, must really know the heart of the person who wants to start sewing but doesn't know how, because she takes you through the process from the very beginning and explains everything a person needs to know to buy and work with fabric to make a complete project.

The projects in this book are adorable and creative! One chapter is dedicated to sleep over items. I LOVE the sleep mask! Kids would have endless fun putting their doll to bed with these creative things! There are directions for a sleep mask, sleeping bag with matching pillow case, and cute little PJ's.

When I was looking through this book and reading the simple step by step directions...complete with pictures for every step, I felt confident enough to tackle bigger projects. I am a quilter, so I don't know how to sew clothes. But I would LOVE to make pajama pants for my kids. After making a few little items in this book, I am sure that I could apply that knowledge to start making some fun clothes for my family as well. 

Isn't this bag awesome??

Thank you Erin for this wonderful book! I will be buying several copies to give as gifts to a few of my daughters friends. It is a great book to spark the imagination of young girls and to give them endless hours of fun projects to make.

To enter your name in the giveaway, please visit my Facebook page. Like my page and leave a comment under the post for this giveaway. I will choose a winner on July 29th and C&T Publishing will mail out your book. 

Check out the C&T Publishing blog for more information on their books and this give away series. They are also giving away a fabric pack!

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Using those cute little mini charm packs

Who loves those adorable Mini Charm Packs from Moda.....go ahead, you can admit it. Now you can get all of those little squares, with all of those great colors & fabrics....for $4.00. You almost have to buy one! So now you have it in your house, and you ask the question..."Now what"?

Well, that is how many of my patterns come to be....I buy a precut package of something and ask myself..."What can I do with this ONE bundle"? I like to use one bundle of a precut and one additional neutral fabric to make fabric selection quick and easy. That way people who don't like to pick out their own fabric don't have to pick it out! (I don't like to pick out my own fabric...).

I have three patterns out for the mini charm packs, so here is my first one. I got addicted to making drawstring bags from my stash. I gave a bunch out for Christmas presents to my kids teachers. I thought, what a perfect project for the mini charms!

The pattern is available in my Etsy Shop, here is the PDF: Mini Charm Drawstring Bag
There are two sizes. The small uses 18 2 1/2" squares and the big one uses 32 squares. This pattern is great for scraps as well. For the bags on the right, I used my scraps from a jelly roll.
These are very easy to make and they are a great first bag to make if you have no experience making a bag. They have a multitude of uses, from just looking good on a dresser or shelf to holding your toilet paper roll!

Here is my next pattern. I absolutely love the baskets made out of fabric, with the little handles on each end. These 2 1/2 squares are perfect for that!! If you want to use scraps, really you only need 4 or 5 different fabrics for the squares. You also need fusible interfacing for this project. You need your baskets to be stiff...the fusible interfacing is great. My husband came up with the name for this pattern: Basket of Charms This is the PDF, but there is a paper version in my shop as well.

I made the above baskets with Family Tree by Deb Strain for Moda. I love those cute little handles!! The pattern is written for three sizes. Check out the listing in my Etsy shop for fabric requirements. These are great of organizing. I use mine as a place to put my outgoing mail.
This basket was made with scraps I had left over from a fabric called "Jungle" by Andover Makower/UK This would be PERFECT for a baby shower gift filled with diapering accessories and some diapers!! I can hardly wait for my next baby shower invite!!

Okay, here is my last pattern. I love this bag!! It measures 10"wide x 10"tall x 4"deep. I have a larger tote, but when I use it I feel like it is mostly empty, so I wanted a smaller tote. I use this one for my Post Office runs to put all of my mail and small packages in. I also think it is perfect for running errands...I put my wallet in there and anything else I need. It also fits magazines and books for when I go out with my kids.

 This is my Sophie Jane Bag. The bag on the right was made with mini charms (Front Porch by Jan Patek for Moda) and the bag on the left was made with Modern Folkloric fabric by Andover Makower/UK. I am truly in love with the grey/yellow bag. Truly.

 This bag was made to be scrappy, also from a mini charm pack. You need 26 squares. The fabric is Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda. I experimented with whether to use interfacing or batting for the outer bag section. This bag has interfacing on the outer section and the other two bags I quilted with batting. They both work, but I like the batting/quilting better. It is softer and has more body. They both stand up just as nicely. The interfacing was easier and quicker. So six of one half dozen of another.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some good ideas to use up
2 1/2" squares, whether it be from mini charm packs or scraps!!
Visit my Etsy shop for many more precut patterns and my book, Quilts From Sweet Jane, which contains 10 quilt patterns for precut fabric!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Modern Churn Dash

I love the churn dash block! I really wanted to make a pattern with the block. The blocks go together pretty easily. I was pleasantly surprised. I like to make easy quilts that go together quickly, and this one definitely does that.
These were my "test" blocks. I made them with Deb Strain's Family Tree fabric. So warm and beautiful! I may have to sew these together and make a table runner. It would so awful to waste these blocks...
Andover sent me this Jo Morton fabric right before Fall Quilt Market this year. It is called Amelia.
I put together 9 blocks and made it into a wall hanging.


So, I wanted to make one more quilt from my written pattern. I used Fat Quarters. I like to show two color ways and I always like to check my pattern for mistakes by making another quilt. Plus I wanted to make a bigger one and put on a border. The quilt below is made with 12 blocks and measures     48" x 60". The pattern is written for five sizes, baby to king. The fabric I decided on is called Florence by Denyse Schmit. Retro colors, I really like it. I still have to put a binding on....
I tried something a little different with the quilting. I did a "cabbage rose" pattern. I like how it looks. Quilting isn't my strong suit, and I don't enjoy it very much.....I just want to get my quilt done!! My friend, Nikki Maroon, inspired me. She is a fantastic quilter and I saw one of her quilts over the weekend that had a section quilted in the cabbage rose pattern. If you would like to buy my pattern, you can find it in my Etsy Shop 
Happy Quilting :)

Monday, July 15, 2013


I am kicking off my second fabric/pattern giveaway!
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I am giving away 68 Chickadee Charm Squares by ANDOVER fabrics. Here is the line of fabric. It is by Jan Kalverstan. It is beautiful fabric, especially for bird lovers!

I am also giving away one pattern of your choice from Sweet Jane, here are the patterns:
Good luck!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finishing up some projects

Finishing up some projects

Of course everyone has different habits when it comes to sewing and how they keep their sewing room. I sew a lot, everyday! I use precuts, so I am not drowning in scraps, but they still accumulate. SOMETIMES I start a project and then I get so excited I start another project and have a tough time going back to the first. So, as the above processes take place, things start to get messy.
To the right of the chair is more mess! Basically I have three projects in the works and I made some "test" blocks for two other projects. (The other parts of my house look only marginally better...). SO...I must have a breaking point, because every now and then I sew up my half finished projects, toss out some scraps, use up some scraps, etc. I believe I have REACHED my breaking point and am making some progress! I also wrote the patterns for both quilts.
I also cleaned out my "fabric closet". Here is most of my unused fabric.
Gosh, I feel like I am confessing my sins here! Confessions of a fabricaholic!! Confessions of a messy person who sews a lot. But that is my point, I am not THAT messy....
Stay tuned for the finished products. The quilts always look so much nicer quilted!
Check out my patterns here.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black and White with a splash of BRIGHT!

I often have to be pushed out of my comfort zone by the people I work with. This project is a good example. Daryl from Andover sent me four fat quarters from their new "Poppy Modern" collection. They were all shades of black, white and grey. She threw in a package of their textured solids and said she thought a black & white bag with a pop of color would look nice. I am good at envisioning patterns, but not great with the color part. Really black and whites suit me well! Anyway, here is my bag...
The pattern, Teacher's Pet, requires 32 charm squares. Basicly for this bag I used 26 black & white 5" squares and six 5" squares of a "color". I made each side separately so the blues stayed on one side and the red/orange/lime green stayed on the other side.
If you would like to try to make this bag, I would suggest 5 fat quarters and 1/4 yard of fabric for the straps (plus the lining). You can always use scraps for your pop of color. I always use scraps for my pocket also.

Above is the side with the lime green, below is the side with the blues. I feel like I have two separate bags! I have a favorite, but I will let you decide which one you like better!

I am new to making bags, so I am pretty excited about all of my bag creations. I love picking out the lining fabric. For a bag like this you can really pick out something fun and colorful for the inside. The pocket fabric can be something fun and unexpected as well. Thank you for checking out my bag! 


Monday, July 1, 2013

Chickadee Charm Square Giveaway!

Hello all! I am hosting my second giveaway! Andover recently gave me some charm squares from their new fabric line called "Chickadee" by Jamie Kalvestran. I will be giving away 68 five inch charm squares from this collection. Simply head over to my Facebook page to enter. Included in the give away is one of my patterns that can be used with these charm squares. The winner will be chosen on July 22nd and announced on my facebook page.
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Here are the patterns you can choose from:


To enter:
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