Thursday, July 7, 2016

One Bundle of Fun

by Sue Pfau

Do you love precuts as much as I do? My new book, “One Bundle of Fun”, has 12 quilt patterns that use one (or two) precut bundles of fabric, and require no additional fabric to make the entire quilt top! I thought up the idea for this book several years ago, but honestly I thought it was impossible. Of course you really never know if things are possible unless you give them a try. Much to my surprise, I did it!

"Magnetized" is made with two Layer Cakes and measures 65" x 65"

This quilt is made with 42 Layer Cake squares (one Moda layer Cake), and measures 48" x 57"
When you think about it, nothing is easier than picking out a Jelly Roll, Layer Cake or fat quarter bundle and then making a complete quilt top with that fabric! Whether it be from your stash, your local shop, or the internet, picking out fabric for a project has never been easier. More time to sew! Let me also mention that I didn't use any special or unique precuts, just regular old precuts, mostly from Moda. So what I am saying is you can easily make these beautiful quilts yourself!
"Sweet Sixteen" is made with two Jelly Rolls and measures 65" x 81". There are also directions for making this quilt with one Jelly Roll, measuring 49" x 49".
This Churn Dash quilt is made with 21 Fat Quarters and measures 57" x 69". This is one of my favorites!

All of the Jelly Roll quilts are perfect for that pile of strips you have been accumulating in your stash! One in particular, “Striptastic” would be perfect to use as a group to make up some charity quilts. It goes together fast, and it is 48” x 48”, which is a good size lap or baby quilt.

These two quilts require one Jelly Roll or strips from your stash. The entire quilt can be made in one day!

The projects range from easy to intermediate. There are some quick and easy patterns in baby and lap quilt sizes for beginners or quilters who need to make a quilt in a weekend. There are larger, more complicated designs that will challenge a confident beginner and teach them new skills (half-square triangles and flying geese), and keep the seasoned quilter happy as well.

Some people love the pastel version, and others love the bold colors of the Batiks. Make this quilt with 15 Fat Quarters!
I think you are really going to get a lot of use out of this book. If you like precuts, it will become a staple in your quilting library. I hope you go back to it through the years and make many quilts for your family and friends! 

Buy a signed copy of my book in my Etsy shop. You can also order a copy through your local quilt shop if they don't already carry it!!


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